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Arranged by Ward/District


Siparia Regional Corporation



Fullerton Catholic Church graveyard (old)

Fullerton Cemetery, 75 1/4MM Southern Main Rd, Fullerton Village, Cedros


Beaulieu Cemetery, Southern Main Rd, Bonasse Village, Cedros

Beausejour  Cemetery, Syfoo Tr. Junct, Granville Village, Cedros

Cedros Public Cemetery

Chatam Cemetery (North / South), Southern Main Rd, Chatam Junction, Cedros

Granville Cemetery, Southern Main Rd, Granville, Cedros

Irois Forest Cemetery, Chatham North Trace, Off Southern Main Rd.



Fyzabad Presbyterian Cemetery


Fyzabad: Apex Cemetery

Fyzabad Public Cemetery, Guapo Road, Fyzabad


La Brea

La Brea New Cemetery, High Road, La Brea

La Brea Old Cemetery, Cemetery Street, La Brea

Rousillac Cemetery, Southern Main Rd., Rousillac Village, La Brea



Timital Cemetery, San Francique Road, Penal


South Oropouche

St Mary’s Village, St Matthews Anglican Church Cemetery, South Oropouche


Oropouche Public Cemetery, St. Mary's Village, South Oropouche



Brighton / Cato Cemetery, Southern Main Rd, Gonzales Village

Buenos Ayres Cemetery, S.S Erin Rd., Buenos Ayres Village

Los Bajos Cemetery, Point. Fortin

St. Martin Cemetery, Thick Village, Siparia Old Road

San Francique Cemetery, Massahood Junction

Siparia Public Cemetery, Cemetery St., Siparia

Via Franca Cemetery, S.S Erin Rd., Los Iros


Cremation Site (Siparia Regional Corporation)

Shore of Peace Cremation Site, South Trunk Road, Oropouche


Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation



Industry Cemetery, Eastern Main Road, Arima



Barrow Memorial Church of Scotland Churchyard Cemetery, Eastern Main Road & Corner Old Golden Grove Road

Arouca Public Cemetery, Crown Trace

Dunderhill Cemetery, Lopinot Road, Arouca

Five Rivers Public Cemetery, Cemetery Street, Five Rivers, Arouca


Carapo Cemetery, O' Meara Road, Carapo


Caroni (Washington) Cemetery, Kelley Main Road, Caroni


D'Abadie Public Cemetery



Lopinot #1 Cemetery, Surrey Village, Lopinot

Lopinot #2 Cemetery Cemetery St., Lopinot Village


Maracas Public Cemetery, El Chorro Road, Maracas


Paria Cemetery, Brasso Seco Village, Paria


St. Joseph

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery


St. Joseph Public Cemetery, Queen Street, St. Joseph



St. Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Eastern Main Road


Crown Street Cemetery



Tunapuna Five Rivers Islamic Cemetery


Streatham Lodge Cemetery, Cemetery Street, Tunapuna


Cremation Site (Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation)

Bhadase Sagan Maharaj Cremation Site, Caroni South Bank Road


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