In Tobago there are no Regional Corporations. Administrative control is by the Tobago House of Assembly,

which enjoys a measure of autonomy over its affairs under the Tobago House of Assembly Act.


Tobago House of Assembly

Education, Youth & Sport (incl. Library Department)

Singh's Building, Dutch Fort, Scarborough

Administrator: Mrs. Jennifer Lezama

Tel: (868) - 639 - 3181

Fax: (868) - 635 - 0731


Scarborough Regional Library, Market Square (New library has been completed, but is not yet operational.)

('Temporarily' located on ground floor of Signal Hill Secondary Comprehensive School)

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 3635; (868) - 639 - 3593

Fax: (868) - 639 - 2556; (868) - 660 - 7447


Tobago Archives: The public library is also the 'depository' for records on Tobago prior to joining with Trinidad,

including Assembly Minutes, 1794 - 1874, slave registers, 1820-22 and other manuscripts.


Eric Wiliams (1964) in ‘History of the People of Trinidad and Tobago’ noted that

'Valuable records have been preserved in Tobago . . .'


e.g. 'Settlements - estates bought by labourers and settlements made, 1881.'


Friends of Tobago Library Committee (May no longer be active)

Dr. Audrie Armstrong: Chairperson

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 2817


Further info: Mrs. Anne Mitchell-Gift, Presiding Officer, Tobago House of Assembly

Administrative Complex, Calder Hall, Tobago

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 2696

Fax: (868) - 639 - 5374


Note: Anne Mitchell-Gift is a former Regional Librarian, Scarborough.


Tobago House of Assembly (THoA)

Community Development & Culture (Tobago Festivals Commission, Archives and Museums)

11 Main Street, Scarborough

Administrator: Mr. Ritchie Toppin

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 2339 (Office)

Fax: (868) - 635 - 1044


The Department of Culture’s reference library and research unit also has information on all areas

of the arts in Tobago.


Tobago House of Assembly

Office of the Chief Secretary (incl. Information Department)

Administrative Complex, Calder Hall

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 3720


The Department houses the Tobago House of Assembly Library where tapes, cassettes and

newspapers are stored for reference and research.


Library Assistant: Jefferson Lapiste

Tel.: (809) - 639 - 2616

Fax: (809) - 639 - 4151



Registrar General’s Department

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 3210/1330

Fax.: (868) - 639 - 2628

Civil Registry: Caroline Building #2, 11 Hamilton Street, Scarborough

Land Registry: Administration Building, Jerningham Avenue, Scarborough



Ministry of Finance, Trinidad & Tobago

Scarborough District Revenue Service, Sangster Hill, Scarborough

District Revenue Officer:

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 2410; 635 - 1418


Roxborough District Revenue Service, Roxborough

District Revenue Officer:

Tel.: (868) - 660 - 4379


Tobago Museum

Edward Hernández, Curator-Trustee

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 3970

Email: <>





Before emancipation, the population of Tobago comprised a fair proportion of free black and coloured. These

were for the most part tradesmen, such as coopers, blacksmiths, barbers, tailors, shoemakers, carpenters

and such. Most of these people were centred in Scarborough, and their children received their education at

the many private schools in the town. Fees were high however, and many of the parents could not afford to

send their children to school


In 1827 there were so many of these children not attending school, that a public meeting was called in

Scarborough by a number of ‘coloured gentlemen’ “for the purpose of considering the establishment of a

free public school in Scarborough for the education of all classes of children.”


The public pledged it financial support, and a committee of the coloured people, resident in the town was set

up to further the project.


It comprised:


James Allen

William Forbes

Alexander Lyall

John Parke

John Bennett

Caldwell Inniss

Norman McLeod

John Piggott,

John Bovell

Louis Julien

Charles Merritt

Archibald Stewart

Roland Coker

William Lowry

John Orr

Robert Weston



After experiencing a number of problems, the school was opened on 7 January, 1828.'


The above extract is from the recommended book:








Physical desc.:

The Complete History of the Island of Tobago in the West Indies/ by C.R. Ottley


Ottley, Carlton Robert


Port-of Spain: Guardian Commercial Printery, 1950?


pp. 148: plates; map ; 22 cm.

Holding Libraries:

National Archives of Trinidad & Tobago (NATT);

National Library of Trinidad & Tobago (Heritage Library);

University of the West Indies Library (UWI), St. Augustine;

British Library (BL); Kings College, London (KC - Maughan Library, Chancery Lane);

ULRLS (Institute of Commonwealth Studies Lib;

ULRLS (Institute of Historical Research);

Liverpool Uni (LIV)

NATT Box/Item #:


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UWI Call #:


UWI Item ID:


BL Shelfmark:





F2116 O8


1700328671 (West Indiana Library) 1 copy


St. Pancras Reading Rooms; X.709/29070.

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LIV Classmark:


LIV Location:

F2116 Ot5


F2116 OTT (ICOMM - Reference only)


C.342 (IHR - Reference only)


SPEC S/F1601(P.C.3)


Special Coll/Archives (Library use Only)




Anglican Parishes in 19th Century Tobago


Anglican Register, Tobago


Catholic Church in 19th Century Tobago


Catholic Parishes in 19th Century Tobago


(The) Changing Society of Tobago (Craig-James, Susan E.)


Church Registers Tobago English Protestant Church Register 1781-1817


Government Gazette, Tobago


Land Tenure Maps, Tobago


Maps, Tobago


Methodist Church History (Tobago)


Methodist Church, Tobago Circuit


Moravian Church, Tobago


Registrar General’s Department, Scarborough, Tobago


Scotch Presbyterian Church in Tobago


Slave & Land Record: Hampden Plantation, Tobago


Slave Registers, Tobago


Tobago Ancestry: the Historical Context


Tobago Archives


Tobago Family History Records


Tobago Incumbered Estates


Tobago Land and Property: Title, Tax, Ownership and Assessment


Tobago: Non-Enslaved Inhabitants vote for Napoleon


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