This Government newspaper was started, ca 1833, in opposition to the Port-of-Spain Gazette, which upheld the interests of

the slave owners. Useful family history information may be found in the Trinidad Royal Gazette but, in the early 19th Century

Gazettes, it was not indexed and had no contents page, so this part of your research will be very time consuming. However,

your efforts may be rewarded as the Gazettes sometimes provide important genealogical information not found elsewhere.

These discoveries will give you new incentive and provide a fresh direction to your research.


It should be noted that there are differences in the amount and type of information given by Trinidad Royal Gazette during

different time periods. Circa 1873, there was a contents page, eg in 1874, the Probate and Public Administration Notices are

indexed alphabetically by surname. However, in the same year, the ‘Returns of Cases Tried before the Magistrate’, there are

no names listed, as in earlier years. The Returns are indexed merely by District.


The Trinidad Royal Gazette can be consulted by members of the public at the National Archives of Trinidad & Tobago, which

has the most complete holding in the country. There is also a good run at the UWI West Indiana Library from 1862 to 1962 and

the Parliament Library has copies from 1874 onwards, with some years missing. At these latter two libraries, permission to visit

should be first be sought from the librarian.


The good news is that it may be possible, at times, to find the names of individuals in the following:




































Notice to Defaulters in Respect of the Arrears of Taxes in Lands and Buildings and Arrears of Quit Rent.

(This also provides details of the locality of the property and details of acreage, etc.)


Sales in Default of Failure to pay the Water Rate are indexed by District, but do mention names of defaulters


Failure to pay San Fernando House Rates, cf Town Hall Notice 14 February, 1882. (Names are listed)


Road Assessment Defaulters


List of Unclaimed Packet and Ship Letters in the General Post Office, Port-of-Spain and San Fernando Post Office.

There is also a section on Inland Post.


Lists of Teachers and members of Fire Brigade


Application for Liquor, Blacksmith Licences, etc


Issues re title to land, debts and insolvency, involving all classes, carpenters and planters


Purchase of Crown Land by Immigrants and others


Indian Immigrants : Cancelled Contracts


Absconded Immigrants


Cases tried at various Magistrates Courts: This gives details of the offence committed and the sentence passed, etc


The 1846 Gazette refers to 'Police Court and Complaint Court cases'


Trinidad Supreme Civil Court: Grants of Letters of Administration and Probate; persons dying intestate;

matters re Last Will & Testament


Jury Lists (They were not found earlier than 1884.)


Burgess Lists


In Trinidad & Tobago, the Trinidad Royal Gazette is held by the National Archives of Trinidad & Tobago, the West Indiana

Library, University of the West Indies and the Parliament Library, Red House. There is also a limited 20th century collection

at the Supreme Court Library in the Hall of Justice on Knox Street.


In the USA, the best repositories are the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago and the George A. Smathers Libraries,

University of Florida.



Trinidad Royal Gazette: Major Repositories


Trinidad Royal Gazette: Center for Research Libraries


Trinidad Royal Gazette: George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida


Trinidad Royal Gazette: National Archives, Kew


Trinidad Royal Gazette: National Archives of Trinidad & Tobago


Trinidad Royal Gazette: Parliament Library, Red House


Trinidad Royal Gazette: West Indiana Library (UWI)


Trinidad Royal Gazette: Minor Repositories


Trinidad Royal Gazette on Microfilm: Proquest


Tobago Gazette


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